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Why We Are Here

We are here for you.

I lost my hair 25 years ago due to Alopecia Areata and I know what it feels like to have lost my “crowning glory” and to live with the confusion and fear that accompanies alopecia hair loss. My hope is that this website will help others like myself to make the transition from ‘no hair’ to ‘no fear’ faster and easier than I did.

Where do you start?

Of course I wanted to reach out to women with alopecia hair loss along with other hair problems that can stem from cancer and cancer treatment, alopecia and it’s different forms such as alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, alopecia totalis; female pattern hair loss, thinning hair and women simply wanting beautiful hair. My hope is to help you if you’re living through alopecia areata treatment or cancer treatment, and give you the most beautiful human hair wig or cancer wig you need to live a fuller life, while wearing wigs. The goal of CreatedHair.com is to provide real hair loss beauty solutions that I know work because I’ve used them myself. Here you’ll find wig tips for how to look better and feel better – about yourself as a woman wearing a wig. There is no reason to stop your life just because you have to wear a wig. I designed the swim wig for this very reason. When made in a color, fit and style that’s correct for you, a human hair wig or a high-grade synthetic wig can be fabulous and actually enhance your look. Just think – you’re out of the house in 5 minutes always looking great! So the real place to start is with a small attitude adjustment.

For well over a decade I have been assisting women all over the world who, aside from living with female pattern hair loss, are going through chemotherapy hair loss and searching for a beautiful cancer wig or chemotherapy wig to help restore their image and self-esteem. My goal is to help women realize that human hair wigs or our finest synthetic wigs are much simpler solutions for this sensitive issue than they may know.

CreatedHair.com have three salons in Los Angeles, two of which are located in the largest cancer treatment centers. I specialize in the chemotherapy process from before cancer treatment through thinning hair, to the hair loss, during the hair release, to helping in hair re-growth and hair restoration. We carry hats for cancer patients seeking style and comfort as well as a wonderful chemotherapy skin care line designed specifically for the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

In addition to my newest innovative swim wig design The Water Wig? I now bring you the Active Wig? Its like wearing air and is Intended to give you ease and featherweight comfort – all day. My intention is to offer women going through chemotherapy, alopecia hair loss along with normal wig wearers everything they would need – in one place.

We offer a wide range of wigs from high grade synthetic wigs to luscious human hair wigs for our cancer patients that are light, airy and durable enough to hold up during the release of toxins from cancer treatment.

You are not alone and we are here to help. Our sections under “Guidance” and “About Hair Loss” will hopefully give you some emotional tools and help you through the process of living with alopecia hair loss to chemotherapy treatment or any other hair loss problems. Call us any time.

We are here for you.

And Remember Girls, We Are More Than Just Hair!

Amy Gibson