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Amy, you are not just a person that sold a wig to me (anyone can do that) but you genuinely care about things and what a person is going through. After working with you, I have learned to successfully handle my hair loss and love myself so much more. You and your stylist helped me feel much more confident! I adore my "New Hair" and you were right... no one can tell it"s not mine! cancer survivor, Ridgecrest, CA


Meeting Amy was a wonderful experience and her positive attitude made losing my hair less difficult. I was delighted to have her help when selecting my hairpieces. She is so encouraging that you feel that you can handle any problem. Thank you, Amy, for your "life-support." Simi Valley, CA, cancer survivor

Kirin, 25 Alopecia Sufferer | CreatedHair Client


If there is anything I have learned from Amy it’s that just because I have lost my hair does not mean I am any less of a woman. In fact I am more of a fabulous woman now than I have ever been. cancer survivor, Beverly Hills, CA


With Amy's 'Dream Team' I got my life back. Los Angeles, CA, Actress

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I want to thank you again for all of your help. You are one of the many angels that have come my way. San Diego, cancer survivor


Amy is the first person I have ever met that truly understands what I am going through. The wig she made for me is so beautiful and real looking that after leaving her salon I was in the elevator and a woman turned to me and said "I love your hair"! After purchasing her products, I feel more self-confident about my appearance and am much happier in my life! Huntington Beach, CA, NA

Kirin, 25 in a CreatedHair wig with a butterfly


Your wigs are spectacular... they are part of my life. How can I ever thank you for giving me back my self esteem? Pensacola, FL, Middle School Principle


I was too frightened to make the one change that was holding my life back. I just didn’t know where to begin. You made me feel safe enough to take that first step. Madras, India, Lupus Patient

Dr. Joseph K

What Amy is doing for so many people will make a tremendous impact in the medical community as well as for thousands of people dealing with the effects of hair loss. Los Angeles, CA, Doctor


Amy was my hope and inspiration – she guided me through the ways to handle intimacy with a man and hair loss with practical suggestions... Los Angeles, CA, alopecia survivor


I have to tell you that this hair is absolutely sensational. To even call it a “wig” seems inaccurate. Long Beach, CA , Police Officer


Working with Amy changed my life forever. For years I felt like a freak. Now I love myself with or without hair. Encino, CA , NA


Although I am not ill, I do not have very healthy or beautiful hair. Before meeting Amy my social life had come to a complete stop. I didn't feel pretty and so I didn't wanted anyone to see me. It's as if all of a sudden, the hair I am wearing is really like my own. Finding Amy has changed my life; I feel really beautiful for the first time. Miami, FL, NA

Georgia V

Amy puts her heart and soul into her work. I feel so understood and accepted when I am with her. My journey with alopecia would have been so much scarier without her. Los Angeles, CA, NA

Symie D

Not only did Amy make me the most beautiful human hair wig (I can see myself again) but her personal support and service has surpassed anyone I have gone to. She is fashion forward and sincere. I felt so at home and comfortable in such an uncomfortable situation. Los Angeles, CA, NA


Amy made the entire wig process so fun long distance via Skype! My wig came out the perfect color and fits like glove. Beautiful. It is now a part of me. Outstanding professionalism, knowledge and kindness, CreatedHair is a first class company. Pensacola, FL, NA

T. B

Amy really cares. It's as if it's her mission to make you feel good about yourself. I now have a beautiful "hairpiece." I don't call it a wig because it doesn't look or feel like one. Playa del Rey, CA, NA

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