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What is a Cranial Prosthesis?

A Cranial Hair Prosthesis is medical insurance jargon for a hair system for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. Prostheses contain a combination of fabrics and compounds that are used to re-create natural hair growth patterns and the look of the scalp. All materials in the prosthesis are designed to provide maximum comfort. Cranial hair prostheses are different from budget or department store wigs in quality, performance, and service. Prostheses are made of specialized material - sensitive to the needs of the individual. The fit is adjustable to each person's size and also custom cut and styled. A department store wig (budget wig) has a set style - what you see is what you get. Service plays an important role when selecting a hair prosthesis. When looking for hair loss options, you need to decide what will best fit your needs - wigs, hats or turbans, integration hair pieces, hair replacements or a custom wig.

How do I choose a color?

When browsing our online catalog you can select a color from our Color Chart on the product page. Due to variations in web browsers, computer operating systems, and computer hardware, the image that is shown may not be an exact representation of the color of the product. If you are trying achieve an exact color match, upon ordering we recommend purchasing the CreatedHair.com Perfect Fit/Color Package. Return the color ring within 7 days from the invoice date and the cost of the color ring, excluding shipping and handling, will be applied towards your purchase or you can return it and we'll refund your money excluding the cost of shipping and handling.

How do I know what size to order?

You can view our Measurement page and download our Fitting Sheet to see what size your cap you will fit into. Head size has very little to do with the overall size of a person. It is best not to make any assumptions about fit and to take measurements. To measure your head, find a flexible seamstress measuring tape. Start at your forehead, just above your eyebrows; proceed toward one side of your head, following the hairline. When you reach the ear area, take the tape behind the ears. Follow the tape all the way around the head, meeting up at your forehead in the front. When you have that measurement, this is your head circumference. Most of our wigs are available in an "average" size cap, but have adjustable straps inside to tighten or loosen the wig. CH.com wigs are available in several sizes, You can order the CreatedHair.com Color/Fit Pkg. How To Order which will include XXS, XS, SM, MED, and LARGE caps for you to try. If there is a wig that you like and need it in a different size, please Contact Us

Can I return or exchange my wig?

CreatedHair.com 7-DAYS RETURN POLICY: If at any time within 7 days of receiving an order, the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase, it may be returned for an exchange or store credit with the following exceptions and stipulations:

CUSTOMIZED WIGS and CUSTOMIZED WIGS may NOT be returned. (See below for details.)

Hair Care and Wig Care products may not be returned.

ALL RETURNED ITEMS MUST be in the original factory condition. Any wigs that have been cut, dyed or altered, in any way, may NOT be exchanged. The CreatedHair.com label must still be attached. (Wigs may only be tried on briefly but may not be worn for an extended period.) Wigs that have been worn and show any signs of wear may NOT be exchanged. Any wigs that have been stained, soiled, ripped, placed near heat or used with heat may NOT be exchanged. Items exposed to odors such as cigarette smoke or perfume may NOT be exchanged.

Any sign of wear or damage will invalidate the 7-day exchange option and may NOT be returned for exchange. These conditions apply equally to all wigs whether human hair or synthetic and all hats and scarves.

ALL RETURNED ITEMS MUST include the CreatedHair.com Return Merchandise Authorization Form with the item being returned to be eligible for exchange. Contact CreatedHair.com for this form.

Also included must be any original tags and copies of your invoice or packing slip. It is NOT NECESSARY to call us before shipping (at your expense) the return for exchange item when you include the form and it is shipped within 7-days.

ALL RETURNED ITEMS MUST be postmarked within 7 days of the delivery date.That means that from the date the item was delivered you have 7-days to bring the item to be returned to the post office or other commercial shipping company.

Items returned within these timeframes will be subject to the following:

Items returned within 1-7 days: may be returned for exchange or store credit and may be subject to a Restocking Fee of not more than $45.

Items returned after 7 days: Are considered Late Returns and will NOT be eligible for exchanges or store credit. We cannot mail back Late Returns but will give the item to charity or sell the item and give the proceeds to charity.

We can accommodate ONE exchange per item, as long as eligibility requirements are met. If you return any of the items purchased as part of a discount or special offer, your refund will be adjusted accordingly. An item that is given free with your purchase is not free without your purchase and will be deducted from your refund if it is not returned.

Beauty or health products other than wigs MUST be returned unopened and in its original condition and packaging and are subject to restocking fees.

For beauty and health products, we refund ONLY the purchase price of the returned item (less any restocking fees); WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES. You are responsible to pay the cost of any return shipping. Please insure your return package and retain the receipt. Allow 14 days for us to receive and process your return.Send all Return Packages with the CreatedHair.com Return Form to:

CreatedHair.com 10390 Wilshire Blvd Suite 806 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA 877.FOR.WIGS (367.9447)

Once we receive the item in its original condition we will process your return. We may contact you to inquire about the reasons for the return, your preferences and to suggest alternative options. Refunds may be given by the original payment method or mailed as a refund check. Please allow up to two billing cycles for your credit to appear on your monthly bankcard statement.

What is the difference between synthetic hair and human hair?

Synthetic: easy to maintain (wash-and-wear), less expensive than human hair, easy to style, pre-styled.

Human hair: more versatility, longer durability, custom styling and coloring available. You may use curling irons, steam rollers, hot rollers and blow dryers to change or enhance the style.

Is human hair better than synthetic?

Not necessarily...choosing between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is more of personal preference. For example, a person looking for a wig that is easy to maintain and less expensive would choose a synthetic wig...a person looking for a wig they plan on wearing everyday and that they can curl themselves would choose a human hair wig. Keep in mind that just because human hair wigs cost more it does not mean they are the "better" wig to buy. Many times a high quality synthetic wig looks more realistic than a low quality human hair wig.

Can I have a wig made from my own hair?

Yes. We make custom wigs using our client's own hair, however, the hair must be in good condition, never processed or dyed or it will break during the implanting of the hair into the wig base. Many times additional hair must be integrated to add thickness (normally it takes several heads of hair to make one wig). For more information on custom wigs, please contact us at: 877-FOR WIGS (367-9447)

How do I keep the wig on my head?

Our wigs have adjustable straps on the inside that may be tightened to hold the wig securely to your head. You may also purchase CreatedHair.com Wig Clips and Combs available at: Clips and Combs that may be sewn into the inside of the wig for additional security. These combs clip to your hair...they attach to very thin/fine hair and even short hair!

If you do not have hair, you can request to have "tape tabs" put into the wig for an additional cost. If you are using tape tabs you must purchase the two-sided transparent wig tape available at: Adhesives

Why are some wigs more expensive than others?

Like most items you purchase, price is a reflection of quality. The higher the quality...the higher the price. There are many different types of materials than can be used to make wigs, including various types of synthetic fibers and human hair. For example, some synthetic fiber is softer and silkier than other types, therefore, making the wig more expensive. Some materials used inside the wigs are lighter weight and more durable, therefore, increasing costs.

I need a wig. Where should I start and what steps do I take?

Step 1: Measure your head. When you have determined what size cap you need, you can browse for wigs in the correct category.

Step 2: Select your style. Browse through our Shop On-Line catalog and determine which styles best fit your needs. Make sure that you are browsing through the appropriate size categories. In this step, try to ignore the colors the wigs are pictured in and look at the style only. Most wig styles are available in at least 20 different color choices. Each wig will have its own selection of colors. You cannot choose the color until you have completed step 2.

Step 3: Select your color. The last step (and often the most difficult) is choosing your color Color Chart

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