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Premium European Hair - Cuticle Intact - Minimal Processing

Subtle Blends
Layers Styles: Short to Long
Textures: Straight, Wavy, Curly
All Hand-tied or Lined Wefted-back

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Follea_D1_Miami.jpg Follea D1 Miami
Playful Presence

Layered in Lengths 4"-5" Perceived Length 11"

Fringe: 4"
Crown: 4"
Occipital: 5"
Side: 5"
Nape: 4"

Follea_D2_Chicago.jpg Follea D2 Chicago
Footloose and Fancy Free

Layered in Lengths 5"-6" Perceived length: 12"

Fringe: 6"
Crown: 6"
Occipital: 5"
Side: 6"
Nape: 5"

Follea_D3_NewYork.jpg Follea D3 New York
Totally Present

Layered in Lengths 6"-8" Perceived Length: 13"

Fringe: 6"
Crown: 8"
Occipital: 7"
Side: 8"
Nape: 5"

Follea_D4_LosAngeles.jpg Follea D4 Los Angeles
The Observer

Layered in Lengths 8"-12" Perceived Length: 16"

Fringe: 8"
Crown: 12"
Occipital: 9"
Side: 9"
Nape: 9"

Follea_D5_SanCarlos.jpg Follea D5 San Carlos
The Closer

10" One Length Bob Perceived Length: 11"

Fringe: 10"
Crown: 10"
Occipital: 10"
Side: 10"
Nape: 5"