Private Issue™
For the ACTIVE Woman in You

"For years I wouldn’t enjoy my favorite sport; swimming, due to not wanting to wear an ugly bathing cap. I went to Costa Rica and with my new cyberhair pc. I literally didn’t stayed in the water for hours! Amy, thank you for giving me back a part of myself that I thought was gone forever! And your stylist is the bomb!"
- Tammy, Little Rock, AK

Amy Gibson Amy Gibson Amy Gibson
Jamie Jamie Ava
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Brooke Brooke Brooke
Amy Gibson Amy Gibson Amy Gibson
Kelli Haylee Haylee
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Zoey Zoey Jess
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Amy Gibson
Kayla | In Water

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Private Issue® by Cyberhair® is designed especially for your active lifestyle. Finally, hair options that put no limits on your imagination. 

Swimming, exercise, intimacy and on the go; Private Issue® by Cyberhair® is the Go-to Wig.

Private Issue® by Cyberhair® is the innovative hair option. Made with the 'game-changing' revolutionary active fiber, Cyberhair®, each wig is designed specifically for you. All the styles you see here have been created to achieve a youthful look for an active luxury style - the same way that your own unique look and style will be created for you. Each one of us has our own desires and expectations - Private Issue® wants to keep it that way.

"Having been a dancer my entire life staying active is essential. When I lost my hair I stopped dancing because the wigs I had were so hot and itchy I couldn’t wait to get home to rip them off my head! I suddenly realized it had been four years since I had gone dancing and had any real fun and it was time for me again. I flew to Los Angeles to meet with Amy. I trusted her advice and invested in the Cyberhair wig and I’ve been dancing almost every weekend! I can’t believe how light it is and yet still durable. Amy, I appreciate the generous time and emotional support you kindly gave me. I think about you every time I spin!"
-Stacey, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Super lightweight cap construction for the ultimate in comfort and secure wear ability.
  • Hand tied with light, refined materials that conform to the head for an individual customized fit.
  • Subtle colors, hues and highlights that you’ve got to see to believe!
  • Also Available in Textured hair.

The Amazing Things That Make Cyberhair® A Superior Dependable Product for both active and daily wear.

  1. LIKE REAL HAIR! Cyberhair® looks, feels and moves just like real hair!
  2. FEATHERWEIGHT! Cyberhair® is 1/3 lighter than human hair
  3. SPORTS! The progressive cap allows water to move right through it, making working out and water sports a dream!
  4. SWIM! Has built in moisture and buoyancy so it doesn’t drag in water like human hair.
  5. MAINTENANCE FREE!  Yes - it is possible! This revolutionary fiber reverts back to its original style after washing so there's no need for styling.   
  6. NATURAL AUTHENTIC LOOK! The Cyberhair® specific Cuticle Formation simulates the light reflective qualities of human hair. 
  7. BE FREE OUTSIDE! Sun, Wind, Rain, Chlorine, Sea Water --- will not affect this fiber.

Premium Human Hair is an expensive investment. Extend the shelf life of your Human Hair piece by matching it with a new Private Issue® by Cyberhair® wig.    

There are many imitations, but none will match the quality, performance and value of Private Issue® by Cyberhair®. Make an investment in your ACTIVE Lifestyle and feel safe about Just Living Life. That is the Private Issue® by Cyberhair® 'secret' ... tell a friend!

"Amy Cyberhair is the first wig I’ve ever worn for intimacy that is so incredibly comfortable. The best is that my date (soon to be boyfriend I hope ) still has no idea! I guess I’ll tell him one day.. we’ll see. But until then... I have my Cyberhair Secret. Thanks!"
-Kay, Philadelphia, PA

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