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Welcome is your distinctive guide through the heart and soul of hair loss solutions and personal concerns for women with hair loss. We offer the most naturally beautiful hair and wig designs of hair wigs available along with attentive personalized guidance.

Founder Amy Gibson, is the leading women's Hair Replacement expert in the US. Amy has worked with females suffering from all causes of hair loss for women and specializes in finding the hair restoration remedy that's just right for you. With her alopecia wigs and experience with thinning hair in women, Ms. Gibson always finds the perfect women's hair loss solutions.

"Your wigs are spectacular... they are part of my life.
How can I ever thank you for giving me back my self-esteem?"
- Terry G., Middle School Principal


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Amy Gibson | The Voice of Women's Hair Loss


Stella, cancer survivor, Ridgecrest, CA

"Amy, you are not just a person that sold a wig to me (anyone can do that) but you genuinely care about what a person is going through. After working with you, I adore my "New Hair" and you were right... no one can tell it's not mine!"

Amaal, Lupus Patient
Madras, India

"I was too frightened to make the one change that was holding my life back. I just didn't know where to begin. You made me feel safe enough to take that first step."

Stacey, Police Officer
Long Beach, CA

"I have to tell you that this hair is absolutely sensational. To even call it a "wig" seems inaccurate."

CreatedHair - Why We Are Here

We are here for you.

I lost my hair 25 years ago due to Alopecia Areata and I know what it feels like to have lost my "crowning glory" and to live with the confusion and fear that accompanies alopecia hair loss. My hope is that this website will help others like myself to make the transition from 'no hair' to 'no fear' faster and easier than I did. Read More...